OCLC Library


OCLC Library’s ample and comfortable seating

The OCLC Library plays an important part in a global company that supports libraries worldwide.  Part archive, museum, research library and community space, the library illustrates OCLC’s heritage while actively collaborating in the development of new products and services.


OCLC Dublin, Ohio headquarters

OCLC serves 16,000+ members in more than 100 countries.  It is a nonprofit “library cooperative that provides shared technology services, original research and community programs for its membership and the library community at large.”  The OCLC Library, Archive & Museum serves OCLC staff worldwide with the largest number of staff located in Dublin – which is approximately 700 staff.


Stories give OCLC a rich heritage

As an archive and museum, the OCLC Library connects new hires to the deep legacy of the organization and helps them understand how to move forward.  Started in 1967, OCLC became widely known for creating a shared, computerized catalog for its member institutions.  Consequently, members benefited by reducing the time needed to create catalog records for duplicate titles across members’ libraries.  Over the years services have evolved; however, core themes of cooperation, innovation, engagement and advocacy remain the same.


The history of OCLC through core themes

As a research partner, the library collaborates with marketing, software developers and human resources.  The library fact checks, provides user insights on new software and assists in OCLC Research projects.  Over time, the library has created a knowledge base for the organization, and librarians are able to answer how the company and its services operated in previous years.  As a result, teams avoid potential pitfalls and focus on more probable successes.


Looking into OCLC Library’s conference room (Image courtesy of OCLC)

As a community space, the library is open and inviting.  After a year-long renovation that concluded in August 2016, the library is highly visible with comfortable seating often used for lunches and informal meetings.  Additionally, a large conference room is available which provides more privacy for staff to conduct meetings.  The library has also become alternative venue for small events.


Library Manager and Corporate Archivist Kem Lang

OCLC Library Manager and Corporate Archivist Kemberly “Kem” Lang believes in the value of special libraries.  For over 30 years she has worked within corporate libraries, and OCLC has given her the opportunity to further develop stories that ignite and inspire her colleagues.


OCLC’s beautiful light-filled atrium (Image courtesy of OCLC)

The OCLC Library operates as a dynamic, integral part of the organization while keeping OCLC’s heritage alive.

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