Otterbein University Courtright Memorial Library

Meeting the needs of over 100,000 visitors each term, Otterbein University’s Courtright Memorial Library is a an energetic team in a multifaceted space.


The academic library contributes to the university’s teaching, learning and research in several ways. By creating a 21st century learning environment that is flexible, the Courtright maximizes its existing space and fosters collaboration. Upgraded tables, seating and computers provide a platform for student success. A repurposed card catalog, the Catalog of Dreams, fosters creative writing and poetry prompts. Rotating displays give academic departments, campus-wide programs like Otterbein’s Common Book, alumni authors and current students more ways to connect and inspire.


By strategically listening and acting, the Courtright Library meets the needs of a modern population.  Library users today are much different than those from when the library was built in 1972.  Over the summer, the library installed significantly more outlets in study areas and provided tabletop extensions with USB ports to accommodate users’ devices.


Library Director Tiffany Lipstreu, Assistant Professor Jessica Crossfield McIntosh, Administrative Assistant Kirsten Peninger and the rest of Courtright’s team, provide world-class service to all.  Academic librarians offer individual consultations by appointment to students at all levels.  Further, the library assigns liaisons to academic centers and departments, deepening the library’s relationship with the university. Librarians, like Jessica, have also participated in foreign exchange programs and have shared their new knowledge with the Otterbein community as well as nationally through the Association of College & Research Libraries.


The Otterbein University Courtright Memorial Library is an incredible resource to the university and the community at large. With an active friends of the library group; co-location of important university providers such as Otterbein’s Academic Support Center, Center for Teaching and Learning, and University Archives; and a developing partnership with the Westerville Public Library, the Courtright is a dynamic, 21st century library that nurtures critical thinking skills for life-long learners.


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