Granville Public Library


This month, Granville Public Library celebrates its 9th annual train show, a month-long event featuring 8 elaborate, holiday-themed miniature train sets. It’s an exciting and fun event organized by model train buffs, and the show is just one of the many fantastic programs helping to make Granville Public Library a wondrous community asset.


Anita Carroll, Director

Library Director Anita Carroll has been with the library for three years and shared she is still amazed by positive support and engagement of library patrons. “I love this community!” she explained. It’s clear that the feeling is mutual; Over 90% of Granville citizens are library card holders. The Friends of the Library, a small but mighty group, has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help support technology initiatives. Events are well attended, and support for the library continues to grow.


The teen area features books, computers and plenty of space to hang out

The library offers a wide variety of programming for audiences of all ages. The library creates summer reading programs for both youth and adults.  A robust teen group meets for First Fridays, an after hours events at the library that has included an 80s themed prom “who-done-it” party, an ugly Christmas sweater party and offsite movie nights.

The community collaborates with the library on a variety of well-received programs. Each year, during Turn Your Screen Off Week, events take place around the town to help people find different means of entertainment, communication and community. The library provides 40% of the programming for the event. Saturday Sprouts storytimes are held at the local farmers market, and the library is working with Kendal Senior Living Communities to provide outreach and materials to their residents.

The library has exciting plans for 2018. In March, they will join the Central Library Consortium (CLC). Granville Public library will be able to provide access to exciting new services and collections.  Further, the library will improve delivery time on held materials, allow patrons to renew their materials online and receive text alerts and accept other CLC library members’ cards.

All of these amazing initiatives and more are met with enthusiasm and passion from Anita and her staff. Granville is a beautiful and vibrant community, and Granville Public Library is the jewel in its crown.

Explore I Spy.. Rudolph’s Reindeer Tracks train exhibit in pictures below:

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Check out the library:

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Columbus Metropolitan Library Whitehall


The Columbus Metropolitan Library Whitehall Branch inspires, shares and connects with an entire community.


Opening in April 2015, Whitehall was the second of 10 library locations to be renovated or rebuilt as part of the system’s Vision 2020 plan. Recognized by the American Institute of Architects, the library gives greater access to customers while providing flexible and adaptable spaces. Particularly striking is the transparency throughout the library paired with its beacon-like quality at night–emphasizing the library as a change agent.


The library is nearly triple the size of the old Whitehall branch–providing more community and collaborative spaces than ever before.  Five meeting rooms with retractable walls and ceiling mounted projectors host nonprofits, after school programs, partnerships with COSI, and more. Four study rooms can be reserved for smaller groups. The library’s Learning Lab supports job help workshops among many other programs. Teens can create music, videos, digital art and photographs with special computers and software through the branch’s YouMedia program. Readers can enjoy the solitude and ambiance of a quiet room with comfortable seating and a modern fireplace.  And then there’s the Carol Snowden Children’s Room…


Late children’s librarian, Carol Snowden, ensured an exemplary space for children and early literacy learning. The area is anchored by curved shelving with built-in seating that creates an open space for story times. Regularly refreshed book bins make finding great books easy while book bundles make it a cinch to quickly pick up themed lit. Encouraging exploration and play, touch-based technology with educational games is woven throughout the space.  And special touches, like the height wall display that includes measurements in several languages, create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.


How cool is this!? Whitehall is the only branch with its own dedicated recording studio. Located next to the teen space, it’s the perfect spot to create music, a podcast, or your next big audio production. [Ed. note: we couldn’t wait to turn on the “On-Air” sign!]



I am focused on people of all ages – Kacy Cox

Kacy Cox has been with CML for 18 years and moved into the role of Whitehall Branch Manager in 2017.  She loves that Columbus Metropolitan Library connects with the community on so many levels, including job assistance, homework help centers and helping parents enhance their teaching skills. She’s excited for the branch’s resume workshop in January, and she looks forward to expanding partnerships with teachers and the Latino community.

Ornithology-Juan Fontanive-2012

“Ornithology” by Juan Fontanive

Art can be found throughout the library. One of Kacy’s favorite pieces is “Ornithology” by Juan Fontanive. Every hour, pictures of hummingbirds from 19th century illustrated encyclopedias come to life.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library Whitehall Branch is a stunning example of how CML fosters a thriving community where wisdom prevails. There’s so much more that we couldn’t fit into this feature. We highly recommend visiting and can’t wait to go back.


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Grove City Library


In October 2016, Grove City Library opened the doors of a beautiful new building and welcomed the community into an open, vibrant environment designed to provide a functional, safe and flexible space to customers for years to come. The community responded enthusiastically to the opening of the new building — the library saw an uptick of over 1,500 new library cards registered in November 2016 over November 2015!


The library offers plenty of quiet space, in addition to gathering spaces


Grove City Library, a member of the Southwest Public Libraries, was founded in 1917 by the Women’s Civic Club of Grove City. Southwest Public Libraries is the second largest library system in Franklin county, serving more than 130,000 people over 127 square miles.


Assistant Director Bethanne Johnson

Assistant Director Bethanne Johnson manages the daily operations of the library and helped oversee the construction of the new building. She graciously provided our tour of the space and pointed out key design features, including modular furniture equipped with power outlets, new meeting spaces, study rooms and a dynamic youth service department. Johnson, who has been with the library for 32 years, helped to oversee the redesign and relocation of the library. She shared that she loves her job, the people she works with and the people she serves. She enjoys the community and the opportunity to share in the lives of her patrons.


Non-fiction selection, overlooking the youth services department

The library’s new design succeeds in keeping books as a key feature of the space.  Bookshelves are abundant, but do not interrupt the open feel of the library.

The versatile meeting room can seat up to 400 guests and is ideal for hosting summer reading programs, community events and special programming like the Military History program. The meeting room, as well as many of the study spaces feature state-of-the art technology, including smart boards and projector screens.

Harper’s Grove, the youth services department made possible by a generous gift from the family of the library’s first librarian, Irene Harper, is cleverly designed to reflect the library logo’s tree theme. The space incorporates work and play areas for children and parents of all ages. Learning centers are integrated into the collections to create a fun space for playing, discovery and literacy.


A look inside the library

The library partners with and provides space for a wide array of community organizations, including Scholastic Book presentations, the Summer Scribblers writing program, Grove City Writers Group, school programs and civic organizations.  The library’s new location in the Grove City Town Center puts it at the heart of many community events. The library participates in Arts in the Alley and the Town Center Christmas Parade and hosts a holiday event featuring Santa Claus and the Signs of Christmas chorus.

Cbus Libraries Co-Founder Andrea Dixon grew up with and worked for Grove City Library.  The library’s transformation of space, thoughtfulness of design and generosity of services are an amazing improvement and wonderful gift to the Grove City community.