Libraries Everywhere

Our Libraries Everywhere program seeks to surprise and delight citizens at events and locations throughout Central Ohio.

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The Mobile Little Library

Our mobile little library can go virtually anywhere and enjoys festivals, galleries, holidays, special events, private parties and holidays.  You’ll find one or two knowledgeable librarians (i.e. Andrea Dixon and/or Bryan Loar) as trusty sidekicks to Biblio.  To learn more about how Biblio can enhance your next event, contact us at team [at]

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Eco Library

Our Eco Library promotes art, literature and sustainability in one unique structure.  Four little libraries are housed in the installation, and two cities are depicted–one thriving sustainable city and the other not. The work is a collaboration among many talented professionals and amazing organizations.  Michael Creath created the library’s moss wall, Doug Houdeshell of Lucida Dynamics printed 3D letter library signage, Justin Withrow of The Lookout Shop sprayed the colorful mural, Half Price Books donated all the titles and Rebuilding Together Central Ohio provided materials, transportation and space. The Eco Library was generously funded by Columbus’ Community Festival, and the library was on display at ComFest June 24-25, 2017. The Eco Library is permanently placed at 934 Gallery and honors the life of Daniel Sebastian Loper. 



The Jerrie Mock Library

Former Whitehall resident, Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly solo around the world and deserves greater recognition. Biographer Nancy Roe Pimm noted Ms. Mock is an “inspiration” and a testament that “even ordinary people can do extraordinary things.” Whitehall, the location of Central Ohio’s first airport, Norton Field, makes an excellent site to honor Ms. Mock.  Our Jerrie Mock library can be found at the corner of Country Club Rd. and Dimson Dr. S. in Whitehall, Columbus. The library was generously funded by United Way of Central Ohio.


The John T. Ward Library

Underground Railroad conductor, John T. Ward lived in the once rural area of Whitehall. A member of the Anti-Slavery Baptist Church and a pastor for forty years of Columbus’ oldest black Baptist Church, Second Baptist, Mr. Ward saved many lives while facing grave danger. Mr. Ward co-founded Columbus’ E.E. Ward Moving and Storage, the oldest minority-owned business in the United States.  Our John T. Ward library can be found at the Lamby Lane Park in Whitehall, Columbus. The library was generously funded by United Way of Central Ohio.

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Street Art Library

Our Street Art Library was created as part of PlaceMakes’ Cherry Street Project.  Creating a sense of time and place, the library’s panels were wheat pasted with maps of its exact location dating back to the late 1800’s.  Bringing additional vitality to the library, contemporary street artists CorerocCovert, Miss Birdy, Pure Street Art and Da Weiss transformed the library into a dynamic piece of art.  The library is currently undergoing renovations, and we will permanently place the library at The Lookout Shop.